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We are committed to providing an excellent organic farm through a consistent approach to quality and sustainable farming that we believe can produce positive environmental impacts and improve the earth system. Our produce is grown under sustainable environmental conditions, ensuring our products are as eco-friendly as possible. Our members are one of the best in the UK at promoting sustainable eating, which in turn is a key component of our business. We believe our membership is growing steadily, increasing every year.

We produce organic food in such a way that we can be sure of the best possible quality every time. Our focus is on organic farming principles, and we have been certified by the Organic Seed Trade Association. Our aim is to produce food that is pure and that is safe to eat. We are committed to sourcing the best possible organic farming products for you from sustainable farms. We have a dedicated organic farm-to-market in our area of farming called ‘Crazy Sheep’.This is achieved through a focus on organic farming practices and seasonal production ensuring the highest possible quality. We also offer a number of other products such as We also have a large organic certification scheme in place to ensure the highest levels of organic certification that we can find and which has proven to be a high level of success with our customers. Our sustainable farming philosophy is driven by an intelligent understanding of how each of our products is made which allows us to maximize our use of natural farming methods and agricultural technologies.

Our farm uses a variety of organic and conventional methods as well as a combination of organic and conventional techniques. The farm is small in size yet we are able to produce a wide range of products and cater to all ages and tastes, whether it is a large range of organic fruit and vegetables, whole fruit and veg, or individual products. We grow a variety of crops such as tomatoes, apples, squash, peas, and herbs. Our farm also produces organic milk, cheese, lamb, and beef to feed our customers. We also produce a range of products such as dairy and soy.

We are growing a range of organic foods for our customers. The types of products we grow are diverse in terms of time-to-market with diverse in-field demand. We are continuously developing a range of products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our products are sourced from local suppliers with strong relationships with local farmers. We have also recently created a range of compostable food products with an innovative concept.

Our farm is situated in the beautiful location of Westfield In The Square, a shopping and entertainment area, with the beautiful London Eye and the banks of our beautiful River Thames. Our farm is a family business and the one thing we all do is love our food.

We are passionate about conservation and sourcing locally, and take pride in delivering high-standard products from organic farms. We are an organically harvested farm with over 80% of our produce sourced from local farms from which most of the farming is done as organic farming. Our goal is to supply the best food possible to people in the UK who seek organic farming to be environmentally friendly.

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