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Noob vs Zombie !Hello and welcome to Noob vs Zombie. Explore biome labyrinths filled with various zombies and enemies. Pro betrayed Noobik and abandoned him in labyrinths filled with zombies. Explore mysterious labyrinths while fighting zombies in deadly battles.

You must navigate the labyrinths of each biome in order to find Pro and fight him, while the cheater will interfere with you with his insidious technologies.

Collect coins, buy weapons, and level up. Super fun gameplay: defeat zombies and skeletons, defeat biome inhabitants, earn coins, and level up. All of the characters provide coins and values. Unlock chests containing mysterious items and gold.

Do you have the guts to Navigate through villages, caves, deserts, and the North Pole while avoiding traps, escaping enemies, and solving riddles. Battle Pro and Cheater in all of the biomes filled with zombies and bosses?

Pixel Crazy Minecraft shooter

Neon Racer


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