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Poopy Shooting Survival ! You like playing games that include pooping? In this game, you can transform into a genuine poop hunter by stomping on waste accumulations while operating a supercar. The sick poopy has been dispersed around the city.

Your main goal is to eliminate the huge contaminated poopy from the modern metropolis and stop the atrocities done to innocent people. (Poopy Shooting Survival)

Drive your irate vehicle through the poopy wasteland, bashing into it and speeding through it to create road kill !If you show no mercy to the approaching wave of poopy critters and squish them to death as they erupt from the ground in an attempt to destroy your life car, you have the chance to gain the respect and adoration of the people of the city.

In order to halt the crawler’s gigantic poopy invasion, you have been the sole hope and hero of the contemporary metropolis overflowing with ill city monsters. Poopy is a very genuine monster that is constantly discovered dead on Earth.( Poopy Shooting Survival)

Kill the vile animals if you wish to survive this horrible mayhem. The poopy Attack Monster Car Survival Derby is the most thrilling and exciting poopy survival game. In addition to playing the riskiest game, you must defend your life. See how far you can get if we pit you against the poopy super squad!

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