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You must become a spy and capture all of your enemies in order to complete the levels. Begin with easy puzzles and progress to more difficult levels! Collect coins to unlock a variety of weapons, clothing, and characters before stocking your arsenal.

Completing exciting levels and game modes, making wise decisions, and ensuring that no enemy survives! Super Hit Masters Online is a skill-based game in which you control a spy and destroy hundreds of enemies. This enjoyable experience will present you with increasingly difficult challenges if you want to put your target and accuracy to the test.

This entertaining adventure will present you with increasingly difficult challenges. How far are you willing to go? How far are you willing to go? To finish the stage, you must eliminate all of the opponents in the room. (Super Hit Masters)

Instead of using your weapons, you would have to demonstrate your analytical ability and the perfect solution to all of the problems presented in each situation in order to fight them. Kiz10, as usual, is the best. With other items on the stage, you frequently have to support yourself in order to play with spaces open.

You can only move on to the next one if you can figure out how the objects are related. Swipe your finger across the screen to fire your shot. You will only need to reveal your targets in Super Hit masters Online by finding the exact point to destroy as many enemies as possible.
Keep track of the number of bullets you still have to fire, and if you want to restart your stage, you must count them correctly.

Fire massive boxes at the enemies to crack them, throw them into the vacuum, or crash them. Super Hit masters allows you to solve levels as many times as you want, allowing you to invest a thousand times in the game. Make sure you beat them all and don’t be afraid to capture yourself or your opponents.

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